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"I could not be any happier with the service and tickets that we were provided." - Glenn Enfield from Maidstone
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Stephen Clay, 3 persons

AC Milan - Fiorentina

19 February 2017



This is my 3rd time using football breaks PSG,Barelona & AC.Both me & my twins boys age 11 years old love every minute thanks


Martyn Richmond from Derby, 1 person

AC Milan - Inter Milaan

31 January 2016



All round it was one of the best experiences I have had. from booking it was easy an was updated when needed to know any think an the seat was excellent

Tip: I would book a extra day in any city as all ways some think more to do then watch the game i did an still needed more time.

Anonymous, 2 persons

AC Milan - Bologna

6 January 2016



Excellent customer service, quick responses to email queries.

Tip: Use the train to get to Milan from the airport, easy to use and only 12 euros each way.

Anonymous, 1 person

AC Milan - Sampdoria

28 November 2015



Overall the trip went really well. The hotel was great, 3 days was the right amount of time to see the city and all the information given by football was usefull and efficient.

Tip: Yes, try to get information on the bus routes before you go as they are more difficult to navigate than the Metro!

Anonym, 3 persons

AC Milan - Sampdoria

12 April 2015



The booking process is extremely simple and straightforward with good communication and regular email updates. All documents required are sent well in time. The only tricky bit was the printing of the boarding passes on the Easyjet website. Why Easyjet insists on getting you to \'check in\' online is a total mystery as you still have to check in at the airport. Long queues at the so called \'bag drop area\' (check in desks really) so make sure you allow at least 45min for your \'bag drop\'. Boarding is also the usual long queue and generally runs late. Flight with Easyjet need no further explanation...

We decided to use the train/metro from Malpensa Milan airport to out hotel. It is quite a long way where you have to get the (free) bus shuttle from Terminal 2 to T1 and catch the train there. The train goes via Saronno to Milan Central. From there we caught the Metro to our hotel metro station and a 10min walk. Clean and efficient trains and metro. A bit of a shock when we got to street level in the Financial District of Milan; grafiti on every building (yes really) gave the impression of a very rough neighbourhood. It wasn\'t until the end of the next day that we realised that every building in Milan has grafiti on some wall somewhere. Unbelievable but true. Once you get \'used\' to that Milan is a truly beautiful city with friendly people and we felt pretty safe all the time.

Only in very busy places such as the Duomo Square you need to watch your purse/wallet. At those places there are also very intimidating street sellers trying to flip on wristbands with cable-ties(!). Keep your hands in your pocket and avoid them. Otherwise Milan is very enjoyable with some amazing sights, sites, shops and green spaces.

On Sunday night we watched AC Milan play at the San Ciro stadium. An amazing experience with some great Italian football. Very safe around the stadium, great atmosphere and amazing views. Instead of burger vans you get Panini vans with char-grilled peppers instead of onions. A few chip stands but very few fried food. How refreshing! Lots of AC Milan memorabilia stands of course. Hotel was superb and comfortable in a good area; some good little restaurants if you go off the beaten track. Good value too. A great experience overall and a very enjoyable weekend.

Tip: We decided to stay in a hotel as close to the San Ciro as possible and we were glad we did as the match did not finish until very late. We could walk back to the hotel and was safe to do so.

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